Funniest Duke Nukem Forever Review Ever

We’ve all played crappy video games at one point or another in our lives, and hopefully we didn’t lose too much money – not just by the game itself, but via broken controllers, etc – in the painful process.  Duke Nukem Forever, released in 2011 and took only 15 years to make, promised to be the long-awaited sequel that Nukem fans had been craving for since Duke Nukem 3D became the “it” game in 1996.  While I never played Duke Nukem Forever, I did play its predecessor, and I remember really enjoying it – especially the hilarious one-liners that you really couldn’t find in any other game or genre at the time.  In the spirit of humorous one-liners then, it is appropriate that we feature arguably the funniest Duke Nukem Forever review that has graced the Internet, as this is short, not-so-sweet and directly to the damning point.  Hit the link below and enjoy.

Funniest Duke Nukem Forever Review Ever

The best one-liner I remember instantly from Duke Nukem is, “I came here to kick ass and chew bubble gum, but I’m all out of gum.” Hearing that now at 30 years of age sounds facepalming-lame, but in 1996 – when games just didn’t have any edge at all – this was a pretty big deal.  Heck, I guarantee Duke Nukem 3D’s “overall edge”, from language to its nudity was the biggest reason the game sold as much as it did.  Never underestimate the word-of-mouth power of a pimpled, 14-year old boy’s social network!

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What I want to know: who the heck (1,504 – 1,215 = 289 of you) thought this review was “not helpful”?  Are you serious?  Even if you enjoyed the game, you can’t knock this guy’s pretty awesome sense of humor and writing ability.  Lame.

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Oh, and by the way – for nostalgia reasons – I found the actual Duke Nukem Forever Soundboard!  Enjoy!



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