Marine Gets Hilarious Deployment Letter from Kid

If you’ve deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq over the last decade, then you’ve likely received or seen one of your buddies crack open a care package filled with dozens of cards from kids.  I have a mother, sister and multiple cousins that are school teachers, so you could say I got my fair share of cards from kids back home, and I would say one out of every ten or so was an absolutely hilarious one.  Kids – especially when they’re young – don’t know anything but honesty, so that can result in some award-winning deployment cards.  I thought I had seen some awesome ones until the one below (hit that link – you know you want to) pretty much trumped it.

Marine Gets Hilarious Deployment Letter from Kid

“Have a good war.”  It doesn’t get any more blunt than that.  I would love to meet this kid just so I could give him/her a huge high-five, because that’s just about the best deployment card from a care package I’ve ever seen.  Now I’m going to have to dig up the ones I have and see if I can one-up this card; I’m almost positive I won’t be able to, but we shall see!

Marine Gets Funny Deployment Letter in Afghanistan Care Package - Military Humor, Funny Pics and Videos

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