Bill Murray Does Harry Caray Impersonation for the Toledo Mun Hens’ Ghostbuster Night

Although I grew up in Chicago with Harry Caray and the Cubs (go White Sox, btw), thanks to the broadcasting monstrosity that is WGN just about everyone in the world knows who Harry Caray was, and how awesomely not sober his broadcasts were.  I remember vividly laying on the floor watching a Cubs game on WGN as a kid, and one of the Cubs players hit what looked like a routine pop fly that made it barely out of Wrigley’s infield.  Harry started going nuts with his iconic, “waaaay back, waaaaaay back”, only for it to be caught – no, not at the warning track – but a step outside of the infield.  I remember laughing then about it, but I just thought he was weird; now I know that it was probably the Old Style talking!  We’ve all seen the stellar impersonation that Will Ferrell does of Harry, but have you seen Bill Murray’s?  Enjoy the video, and as always more after the jump!

Bill Murray Harry Caray Impersonation Video

Short, but awesome impersonation, no?  I think if he had the classic Harry Carey glasses on the impersonation would have been even better, but Bill is just a natural – plus he’s a Chicago guy, so you know he’s a Harry Carey expert.  He’s also a Ghostbusters expert – call me Master of the Obvious – which is why he was doing a now-viral cameo promo for the Toledo Mud Hens and their upcoming Ghostbusters Night on May 30th.  If you’re wondering just where the heck Toledo is, I can’t blame you – it’s in Ohio, just south of the Michigan border and Detroit.  I’ve never been, but if Bill Murray keeps doing cameos and showing up at Mud Hens games I may just make a trip up.  Well, probably not.

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