Controlled Detonation in Afghanistan Nearly Kills Two Soldiers

Just like that danger close 500 lb bomb video I posted yesterday, this controlled det video from Afghanistan will make you check your pacemaker.  Although some folks over in the magical land of YouTube are calling this footage out as fake, I’ve replayed it a few times over and it looks/sounds real enough to me.  I’ve had Afghan rocks rain down on my kevlar after a 50 lb IED went off in Helmand, so it’s not like I don’t know what I’m talking about (no, I wasn’t EOD either, so I guess that kinda validates the reason why we called this kick ass website “slightly qualified”, eh?).  But enough talk – you need to watch the video and decide for yourself.  More after the jump!

Afghanistan Controlled Detonation Video Nearly Fatal

My assumption on what went wrong with this “controlled” detonation is that somewhere in the setup process something went horribly wrong, like a fuse broke, etc.  I’m assuming they used C4 to blow the IED, but watching it from the terp’s perspective and no auxiliary information it’s really hard to tell.  I’m just glad no one was hurt, although I’m sure those two fellas were rattled.  Thankfully those mud huts and walls in Afghanistan are somehow stronger than just about any titanium alloy or SkyNet steel in existence – I’m exaggerating, but I’m also serious.  They’re ridiculously strong.

The bottom line: EOD tech’s are arguably some of the craziest, bravest mofos you will encounter in the US, heck any military.  Ours though are definitely the best, as we’ve had plenty of experience over the last 15 years and two IED-laden wars.

For more intense combat footage look no further than our tag cloud to the right!  We’ve got tons more Afghanistan combat videos, and much much more.  More to follow!

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