CrossFit and Pull Ups: Marines Will Love This Video

Oh, CrossFit.  You’ve become so popular over the last decade – and even in my Marine Corps – but sometimes you make me laugh. This video is one of those times.  You see, and our Marines out there in SQ Nation will definitely get this, when I watch this video I started laughing hysterically because I pictured a gunnery sergeant or SNCO standing in front of this dude with his arms crossed across his chest, shaking his head left to right in disgust and saying one word over, and over again.  That one word is “zero”, because if this guy tried to count any of those “pull ups” as actual freaking pull ups, none of them would have counted, and if it were boot camp or OCS, this guy would have been swarmed worse than a guy I know at OCS who asked the drill instructor on the morning of Day 2 if he could get a cup of coffee.  HAHA, I just laughed again!  More on this hilarious CrossFit video after the jump!

CrossFit Workout Video for Marines Everywhere (to LAUGH at)

For all my CrossFitters out there reading SQ, let me be clear and state that I am not anti-CrossFit – I actually implement a lot of CrossFit style workouts (I personalized a bunch of my own) throughout my own regimen, which combines other traditional elements like lifting weights, hard runs/sprints, and swimming.  My issue with CrossFit is just that like any fad, many people take it as gospel, when like anything it should be noted that it’s not a complete work out.  Sure it has its benefits, but it all just depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

This guy, to get back to my laughter, would have achieved a score of “zero” on his dead hang pull up portion of his physical fitness test, and he likely would’ve achieved a high score of embarrassment as well.  The Marine Corps is the only service branch in which dead hang pull ups are required, and kipping – what the dude was doing every time with his body – is completely, 100% illegal.  Dead hang means dead hang: straight up, chin over the bar, straight down until your arms and elbows lock out, then repeat until you either max out at 20, or you can’t do any more.

On a final note, I pretty much had to mute the guy doing the voice over, although he was pretty funny at the end when he was counting his pull ups – I mean swings.  Alright enough with my rant – if you are looking for more great videos, head on over to our funny videos tag, and stay tuned for more right here at SQ!

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