CrossFit and Pull Ups: Marines Will Love This Video

Oh, CrossFit.  You’ve become so popular over the last decade – and even in my Marine Corps – but sometimes you make me laugh. This video is one of those times.  You see, and our Marines out there in SQ Nation will definitely get this, when I watch this video I started laughing hysterically because I pictured a gunnery sergeant or SNCO standing in front of this dude with his arms crossed across his chest, shaking his head left to right in disgust and saying one word over, and over again.  That one word is “zero”, because if this guy tried to count any of those “pull ups” as actual freaking pull ups, none of them would have counted, and if it were boot camp or OCS, this guy would have been swarmed worse than a guy I know at OCS who asked the drill instructor on the morning of Day 2 if he could get a cup of coffee.  HAHA, I just laughed again!  More on this hilarious CrossFit video after the jump!

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