Bill Murray Does Harry Caray Impersonation for the Toledo Mun Hens’ Ghostbuster Night

Although I grew up in Chicago with Harry Caray and the Cubs (go White Sox, btw), thanks to the broadcasting monstrosity that is WGN just about everyone in the world knows who Harry Caray was, and how awesomely not sober his broadcasts were.  I remember vividly laying on the floor watching a Cubs game on WGN as a kid, and one of the Cubs players hit what looked like a routine pop fly that made it barely out of Wrigley’s infield.  Harry started going nuts with his iconic, “waaaay back, waaaaaay back”, only for it to be caught – no, not at the warning track – but a step outside of the infield.  I remember laughing then about it, but I just thought he was weird; now I know that it was probably the Old Style talking!  We’ve all seen the stellar impersonation that Will Ferrell does of Harry, but have you seen Bill Murray’s?  Enjoy the video, and as always more after the jump!

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Will Farrell Harry Caray Ho Hey Spoof Video

Growing up in Chicago without cable television, WGN was one of the few channels we had that was actually worth watching: where else could I watch Bloodsport three times a week and still catch a White Sox game live?  Yes, I am a White Sox fan, but I am indifferent when it comes to the playoffs – in other words, as long as someone from Chicago wins it I’m happy.  That being said, I did watch plenty of Cubs games growing up with the real Harry Caray behind the mic, and he was hilarious; I can’t tell you how many times I heard him call a routine fly ball “outta heyuh!” only it to land ten yards shy of the warning track.  The “ice-cold Budweiser” was always flowing in the WGN booth, and who better to impersonate the legend than another legend in Will Ferrell.  We all know and love Will’s SNL Harray Caray skits, but this is a gem of a spoof from earlier this year that is great to re-live: Will Farrell’s Harry Caray spoofed over the Lumineer’s “Hey Ho” sound.  Must-see TV!

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