Deliver Us From Evil Movie Trailer

Eric Bana is a much better actor than most people believe. He starred in Munich, a film which snowballed into one of the greatest films of 2005. As Nero, he helped jump start a whole new era of Star Trek fans. And my personal favorite, Hector, from Troy. While that film left a little to be desired at times, he played his character every bit as good as Sean Bean portrayed Odysseus. Maybe even a little better. And now, Bana is Ralph Sarchie, a police officer working to uncover what appears to be an unholy spirit tormenting his town.

Deliver Us From Evil‘s trailer leaves a little to be desired at the end, but Bana appears to be taking on the persona of a younger Liam Neeson here. Intelligent, charismatic, and with a soft touch. And he’s married to Olivia Munn in this film, so he has that working for himWe also get Joel McHale, and while he isn’t in the trailer, we can’t wait to see him cross the big screen. However, I’m not truly sure how this will play out. I have watched Joel McHale a decent amount, and I always just start laughing to some degree when he comes into play. Will be interesting to see him in a horror flick.

What we expect: Bana to lose his mind ninety minutes in.

What we hope: Bana losing his mind in the first ten minutes.

Who we love: Olivia Munn.

Who will be out of place: Joel McHale.

When we will go: late showing.

Who we will go with: friends who will drink beer afterward.


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