Black Keys Turn Blue Album Releases This Week

We’re all kinds of excited for the new Black Keys release. Brothers was nothing short of brilliant, and El Camino was an album for nearly every occasion. Turn Blue is shaping up to be every bit as good.

Planning a massive stateside tour early this fall, the Black Keys will be visiting cities such as Louisville on September 1o, Phily on September 20, and SQ’s stomping grounds of  Chicago on September 27 at the UC. That tour date will turn the West Loop into one long party weekend. 

So far, songs Fever and Turn Blue have been garnishing airplay. Not that this surprises us. Fever has the type of bouncing bass nearly built for sports arenas and loud cars in metro areas. Turn Blue is reminiscent of Jackie Brown. I keep picturing Samuel Jackson and Robert DeNiro driving around at 2 am to this song on the radio.

Another stellar installment from the Black Keys. I could write more, but if listening to the songs doesn’t grab you, none of my words will either.

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