Funny Canada Memes Part 1, Because it’s Probably Still Winter Up There

Let me make this very clear: I love Canada.  Honestly!  I would go up there every freaking summer if I could – my cousins and uncles always do a fly-in fishing trip each year – just to fish and drink beer.  I have been to some awesome places on vacation, but no kidding my one fly-in fishing trip into middle-of-nowhere-but-nowhere-had-endless-supplies-of-bears-and-LaBatt-Blue was the best, most relaxing vacation I have ever taken, and that includes Afghanistan.  My reasoning is simple: there are no roads or traffic noises, cell phones don’t work, and airplanes don’t even fly overhead.  If you thought a beach in Cancun was total relaxation, you’re wrong – try Canada!  Alright, so in the spirit of SQ – we make/poke fun of just about everything – I present to you the funniest Canadian memes all in one glorious funny picture collection.  Enjoy hosers!

Funny Canada Memes Part 1, You Hoser

While it’s officially spring here in the northwestern hemisphere, it’s more than likely just a “symbolic” date on the calendar for our friends in the great white north.  While I would love to keep the side jokes flowing – Strange Brew = one of my all-time favorite comedies – let’s get on with the Canadian memes!  Look for part two coming soon, eh!

Canadian Street Gangs Funny Pic - Funny Pictures, Funny Videos and MemesFunny Canada Meme Hockey - Funny MemesFunny Canada Meme Moose News Cast - Funny Memes and Funny PicsFunny Canadian Military Afghanistan Pic Meme - Funny PicsFunny Canada Moose Attack Pic - Funny Pics and MemesFunny Canada Pic Canadians Are Too Nice - SlightlyQualified.comFunny Canada Pic A Typical Snowfall in Canada Eh - SlightlyQualified.comFunny Canadian Police Pic - Funny MemesFunny Canadian Military Warfare Pic - Military HumorFunny Hockey Pic in Canada - Funny Pics and VideosFunny Snow Bed in Canada Pic - Funny PicsFunny Canadian Fast Food Pic - SlightlyQualified.comUS Canada Border Funny Picture - SlightlyQualified.comSpring My Ass Funny Pic - Funny Pics and Memes

That last one – along with the “Canadian Street Gangs” funny pic were hands down my favorites!  Drop us a line below and link us some of the ones we’ve missed – we already have a bunch more, so expect a part two very soon.  Stay warm up there, Canada!

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