6 Funny Metalhead Meme Pictures for your Tuesday

Oh memes, how I love thee.  If you don’t know what a meme is, well, I’m sorry.  Why don’t you go ahead and ask Google or Siri, or anyone under the age of 35, or I suppose I could just tell you.  A meme is pretty straightforward: it’s simply a picture with a line of text, usually in big Impact font, that forms a caption for the photo.  Would you like a stellar example?  Of course you would!  How about our award winning Kim Jong Un Meme Collections (Part 1 & Part 2), or you could just hit the link below for 6 hysterically funny metelhead meme pictures which will surely brighten up your Tuesday.  And if you were one of those people who just discovered what a “meme” is, then you’ve basically won twice today!  High five!

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Funny Picture: Strong Case for Women in the Infantry

Before I get blasted for the seriously funny military picture below the fold (that means click on the link, Watson), I want to remind everyone out there of two important things: one, this is a funny picture of a potential real, foreign military, and two, I am actually support the Marine Corps’ push to test the women in infantry leadership roles, which you can read all about in my official response to 2nd Lt Santangelo’s groundbreaking Washington Post article.  Are we clear?  Alright, so with the fine print out of the way, put your game face away and prepare to enjoy a hilarious funny picture that we highly encourage you to share with your friends.  Like via Facebook.  Ready for the photo?  Of course you are!  Hit the link below!

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Marine Corps vs US Army PT Video

As a former Marine, yes, I am certainly biased, but I have nothing but pure respect for all of our services – we all play different roles, and we all get our jobs done.  That being said, it’s always fun to poke fun – outside of our business and military analysis posts here at SQ, this is pretty much an entertainment/parody site – at the military in general, because competition just makes us all better.  The Army has always had a competition with the Marine Corps, with both sides saying their PT is harder, and/or their respective boot camps are harder.  I am just going to go out on my biased limb and say it really isn’t a contest – Marines are required to do dead hang pull ups, while soldiers in the Army are just graded on push ups.  But still, when it comes to unit PT, the choice of work out is honestly up to the unit commander, and in the video above, I think the answer about which PT session is tougher is pretty clear.  More after the video!

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PFC Merica: You Know His Drill Instructors Loved Him

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to formally introduce to you a young United States Marine, PFC Merica.  No, that is not a spelling error or typo; PFC Merica, as in ‘Merica, or America.  How awesome is that last name?  While I was in the Marine Corps from 2008-2012 I came across many a stellar last name when it came to the Marine Corps’ ranking system: LCpl Boot (seriously), Capt Commander (not joking), and many, many more.  Obviously the best route for PFC Merica to go would be the MECEP (Marine Corps Enlisted Commissioning Education Program) route to become an officer, because how could you honestly pass up being called Captain Merica for 4-8 years?  Granted those would be big shoes to fill, but I can tell by this guy’s smile that he’s got in him; at the very least I hope he becomes the SgtMaj of the Marine Corps, because SgtMaj Merica sounds equally awesome as well. Full photo and more after the jump!

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Most Popular Drunk Foods Around the World

Drunk food, at least at the moment when you and your friends stumble out of the eighth and final bar of the night, tastes like the best meal you’ve ever had in your life.  When you go there two days later for lunch however – and you’re dead sober – you can’t believe you actually ate that junk as you spit it out and apologize to your coworkers.  While I am American, I am only familiar with the usual choices we have after last call, like giant burritos, pizza, taco stands, and heck even late night bagels (thanks SIU!).  That’s what makes the above Buzzfeed video so cool: it only shows you what the most popular drunk food dish is in each major country.  Almost all of them I want to eat right now, but a few (looking at my hoser friends to the north in Canada) I would probably pass on.  Enjoy the video, and as always more comments after the jump!

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15 Funny, Awkward and Crazy Prom Pictures

With May arriving this week, Prom season has officially arrived.  Just yesterday I stopped in at a Jos A Bank to rent a suit for a wedding that I’m in – two great friends from high school, nevertheless – towards the end of May.  In order to give me a discount, the store manager listed my suit rental as a “prom special”, so now when I head back up to Chicago to pick up my suit, I am going to likely receive some very weird looks from the store employees – yes, I’m 30 years old, maybe I’ll just screw with them and tell them I’m a chaperone?  Anyways, today is Monday, and since Mondays generally suck – thank you Bill Lumbergh – why not do what SQ does best: lighten the mood with 15 of the funniest, craziest and most awkward prom pictures that have ever graced the Internet?  We thought you’d enjoy them, so hit the link below for all the funny prom pics!

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Warrior Fans Heckle Donald Sterling With Signs

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week or so, you likely have seen the depressing news that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling appears to be a closet racist – even though his team’s coach, and the majority of his players (not to mention the majority of the entire league’s players) are African American.  Originally reported by TMZ (source), Donald’s alleged remarks were recorded in a conversation with his girlfriend, V. Stiviano (who yes, just happens to be African American and Mexican), stating – and I am summarizing – to not bring “black people to his games,to include Magic Johnson”, to not take Instagram photos with black people, and much, much more.  While I am a firm believer in our judicial system here in the US – innocent until proven guilty – it’s hard to argue against this one with everything that has become available.  Nevertheless, as the SQ faithful know, we like to continually lighten the mood with any situation, and we found two Golden State Warrior fans who will definitely do just that with their hilarious signs from this weekend’s playoff game.  Hit the link below for the full funny pic!

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Fail Video: Kid Sings Let it Go

If you’ve seen the latest Disney animated movie “Frozen”, then you most likely have heard the Oscar Award winning song “Let It Go”.  If you’re that guy/gal that’s jamming out to it on the freeway on your way to work every morning, then that’s a different story; we recommend you find help on that little issue as soon as possible.  Anyway, this epic fail video will definitely entertain you whether you’ve seen Frozen or not, because it is just plain awesome.  I don’t want to spoil it, so just watch it – as in right now.

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Crazy Orange County Police Car Chase Video

While this is technically an “oldie” in terms of Internet viral videos, it was new to me so chances are it will be new to most of SQ Nation as well.  Who doesn’t love a good car chase, especially one where the fleeing driver is evading Anaheim police in a freaking Kia Soul?  Yes, you read that correctly: not a new Camero, nor a BMW M3 – a Kia Soul.  You know, that tiny, toaster-shaped Kia SUV that annoyed the heck out of the entire world with that stupid commercial of the mice driving and jamming out to “Party Rock”?  Yeah, I just got the chills thinking about it again too – sorry about that.  Watch this video – it’s one of the best car chases not involving a white Bronco that I’ve ever seen, and the end features a nice surprise!

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Throwback Thursday: Brett Favre’s 1991 NFL Draft Day Photo

Brett Favre in Something About Mary Pic - SlightlyQualified.com

Now this is a classic photo of Brett Favre, and just the awesomeness that was 1991! Although I am a devout Chicago Bears fan – Brett Favre always destroyed Da Bears on the football field – I just so happen to be in the vicinity of where Brett Favre destroyed the college football record books in Hattiesburg, MS, or more specifically the University of Southern Miss.  While I despise the Green Bay Packers, I am man enough to lay down the facts that Brett Favre was absolutely incredible – maybe the best quarterback of all time – and Jay Cutler, as good as he is for my Bears, simply doesn’t even come close.  Plus, Favre was hilarious in There’s Something About Mary, so in all honesty how could I really hate the guy?  But enough with the small talk; hit the link below for a stellar Throwback Thursday photo of Brett Favre getting the NFL Draft phone call from 1991, complete with rolled jeans, short shorts (fellas … why?), and red Solo beer cups.

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Portlandia Trail Blazers Post-Game Speech Video

Off the top of my head I probably have 5-10 television shows that I have always wanted to watch, but simply don’t have the time to actually sit on my fancy fake leather couch and take them in.  Portlandia – an IFC comedy starring former SNL cast member and comedian Fred Armisen – is one of those shows.  While I never thought Fred was the greatest SNL cast member – hey, I’m being honest – every trailer and commercial for Portlandia always made me laugh, and this Portlandia Trail Blazers post-game motivational speech video is no different.  Enjoy the video – more slightly qualified Portlandia thoughts after the link!

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Brian Williams Raps Gin and Juice Video

In case you missed The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night, we’re here to bring you up to speed with possibly the funniest thing Brian Williams has ever done on television (okay technically this is just an epic montage, but you know what I mean).  I have no idea how long this video took to compile – months? – but the end result, Brian Williams rapping the fabled “Gin and Juice”, is just simply awesomeness wrapped up into a 71 second funny video.  Yes, he’s been great on his 30 Rock cameo appearances, but this Gin and Juice rap video now takes the cake – don’t pass this one up!

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