Marine Corps vs US Army PT Video

As a former Marine, yes, I am certainly biased, but I have nothing but pure respect for all of our services – we all play different roles, and we all get our jobs done.  That being said, it’s always fun to poke fun – outside of our business and military analysis posts here at SQ, this is pretty much an entertainment/parody site – at the military in general, because competition just makes us all better.  The Army has always had a competition with the Marine Corps, with both sides saying their PT is harder, and/or their respective boot camps are harder.  I am just going to go out on my biased limb and say it really isn’t a contest – Marines are required to do dead hang pull ups, while soldiers in the Army are just graded on push ups.  But still, when it comes to unit PT, the choice of work out is honestly up to the unit commander, and in the video above, I think the answer about which PT session is tougher is pretty clear.  More after the video!

Marine Corps vs US Army PT Video

So what do you think from the video: which PT work out was tougher, the Marines on the left or the Army on the right?  If you said the Army on the right, you my good sir or ma’am are wrong – although I do love me some basketball!  Once again, please spare me the hate comments below, as I already mentioned unit PT is entirely up to the unit commander outside of boot camp, so if your squad leader or platoon sergeant/commander wanted to take a day off and play basketball then that’s what you would do that morning; since we don’t know the context outside of this specific video, it’s hard to judge.

What’s the hardest PT work out I’ve ever done?  Well since all of us platoon commanders are way too motivated as lieutenants, I decided to take my sniper platoon one morning and do a nice boots and utes run out to one of the biggest hills on base.  Once we got there I told everyone to pair up with someone of equivalent weights, because we would be doing two-man fireman carries up the hill.  Teams could, and would definitely need to switch up, but the only time a team could move up the hill would be in the fireman carry position.  Once we all made it to the top, we took a breather, I said “FML” under what little breath I had left, and we ran back to my guys’ barracks.  It was a complete ass-kicker, but one helluva leg workout – and snipers need to have strong legs for the immense weight they have to carry on patrol.

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