Vietnamese Anchorman Subtly Removes Ringing Cell Phone from Pocket on Live TV

While you’ll probably have no idea what this Vietnamese anchorman is saying, I guarantee you’ll like this guy’s subtlety as he responds to his cell phone ringing in his pocket during a live TV broadcast!  I nearly spit out my coffee all over my laptop, which would have been really bad because I would have wasted coffee – my laptop is pretty much brand new too, so that would have sucked also.  Do not miss this video folks!

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Ex-MMA Champion Turned Gas Station Clerk Destroys Robbers (Fight Video!)

Call me Master of the Obvious here, but the criminal rung of society for the most part isn’t comprised of the smartest individuals.  As a Houston resident now for almost two years, I have seen some insane stories and videos courtesy of the local news channels, but this fight video which shows a former MMA champion-turned gas station attendant absolutely annihilating a pair of “maybe-we-should-have-made-sure-the-gas-station-clerk-wasn’t-an-MMA-fighter-before-robbing-his-buddy” robbers just might take the cake.  You’re going to want to watch this video – trust me!

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This Is Why You Don’t Mess With Baby Bears (Insane Video)

If you watch one video this year, make it this one – seriously.  There’s a reason why you should never, ever mess with a baby bear, especially when you’re out in the wild.  You would think that piece of advice would simply be common knowledge at this stage in our evolution, but apparently some people still haven’t quite caught on.  How this video hasn’t crossed the 1,000,000 view mark is beyond me – watch this insane bear video right now! More bear stories after the jump!

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Best Fake Punt Ever NFL Video

Are you ready for some football?  With August approaching in just over a week, the world is about to get another NFL season whether they like it or not.  While I’m pumped for my Chicago Bear’s chances this season, it is just an awesome time of year when we’re able to wake up on Sunday and just watch football.  So as we get ready for kickoff here in just over a month, we decided to whet our SQ footballer’s appetites with probably the best fake punt video you will ever see, courtesy of the Tennessee Titans.  (It’s always a Jeff Fisher team, isn’t it?)

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Rush Hour 4 Parody Video feat. Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin

If you enjoyed our last NBA parody video trailer for Dumb and Dumber with LeBron James, then you’re going to really enjoy this Rush Hour 4 parody video with Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin.  The Rush Hour series is one of my favorite comedy series – not as good as the Shanghai Knights/Noon one, but excellent nonetheless – so this parody video made me really wish this movie was actually happening.  On that note, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan really need to team up again – like soon!  Enjoy this stellar parody video – as always more after the link below!

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Kacy Catanzaro, at 5 Feet Tall and 100 Pounds, Absolutely Owns American Ninja Warrior

“Shut the FRONT door!” I don’t know what’s the best part about this already-viral video: the fact that at only 100 pounds and just five feet tall, former D-1 gymnast Kacy Catanzaro makes the American Ninja Warrior final obstacle course look like a joke, or that the two announcers may have stolen the show with their Dodgeball-esque comments and jokes.  Regardless, if you haven’t seen this video, it is well worth the seven minute run time. More comments on just how freaking hard some of these obstacles that she demolished below!

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LeBron Gives Harry a Ride to Cleveland (Dumb and Dumber Parody Video!)

While we don’t usually journey into the world of sports here at SQ, the chances are much higher if it involves pretty much anything basketball related.  But when you mix in Dumb and Dumber, one of the Holy Grail comedy movies of all-time, with basketball – there’s absolutely zero way we’re passing up on talking about it.  If you haven’t heard that LeBron James recently spurned the Miami Heat and the rest of the basketball world to return to his home in Cleveland, then you are probably the only person on earth that won’t appreciate this insanely awesome, and somehow perfect-quality parody video featuring King James as the legendary Lloyd Christmas.  If you watch one video this week, make it this one.  “You’ve been wearing two pairs of gloves this entire time?”  “Yeah Harry, we’re in the ROCKIES!”

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One Last Harlem Shake at the Altar Video

I think everyone and their mother’s (well, maybe not mine) know what the Harlem Shake flash dance phenomenon is by now, as they’ve been one of the more popular Internet fads in recent history.  That being said, I couldn’t pass up posting this one above because for this crazy bride and groom, it’s their last chance to do it before tying the knot.  While I don’t have any regrets about not doing the Harlem Shake at my own wedding last November, you can just tell that the couple’s wedding above probably had a rocking reception afterwards.

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Funny, But True Dark Souls 2 Review

The Dark Souls series is one of the best from this or last generation, and I don’t think anyone would be angry if went on a never ending Final Fantasy style release path with more sequels than you can possibly keep track of. Oh, but speaking of angry, yes, you will get angry playing Dark Souls 2; I’m probably the calmest, most patient person you’ll ever meet, but when you have to start all the way over from the freaking beginning after yet another stupid little mistake, controllers will break and profanities will be articulately shouted.  But the reward for success?  That’s what makes this series so legendary, and what makes the review below so hilarious for those who have endured the highs and many, many lows!

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Newcastle Brown Ale Imagines America if the British Won

Every once in a while when I’m in the beer aisle at the grocery or liquor store, I find myself walking out with an awesomely-large case of Newcastle Brown Ale.  It’s not my favorite beer in the world (still love you LaBatt Blue!), but it’s pretty damn good, and is great to mix in my regular rotation throughout the year.  In a creative, and seriously funny new marketing campaign, actor and comedian Stephen Merchant describes what America would be like if we, the Americans, hadn’t won the war, and the British won.  You need to see this video!

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How Marines Celebrate the Fourth of July (or any day)

If the United States Marine Corps knows how to celebrate any holiday well, it would be July 4th – both the original holiday celebrating our independence from British rule, as well as the more recent victory against the alien invasion which Capt Hiller (Will Smith) and David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) so thankfully repelled.  So to honor this stellar beer-drinking, sunburning three day holiday weekend, why don’t we start it off with what we Marines do best: blow stuff up.

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