Best Fake Punt Ever NFL Video

Are you ready for some football?  With August approaching in just over a week, the world is about to get another NFL season whether they like it or not.  While I’m pumped for my Chicago Bear’s chances this season, it is just an awesome time of year when we’re able to wake up on Sunday and just watch football.  So as we get ready for kickoff here in just over a month, we decided to whet our SQ footballer’s appetites with probably the best fake punt video you will ever see, courtesy of the Tennessee Titans.  (It’s always a Jeff Fisher team, isn’t it?)

Best Fake Punt Ever NFL Video from the Tennessee Titans

I don’t care if you have laser 20/20 vision and grew up living with bald eagles – there is no way you did not get faked out by this fake punt.  Heck going into this video we all knew damn well we were about to witness a fake punt, but the Tennessee punter sold the play so well everyone and their brother in the stadium or out here in SQ Nation thought that he punted it.  Once you do realize he faked it, you simply can’t believe how he was able to pull it off, because those Buffalo Bills players appear to have missed him by inches.  Maybe it’s because of the punter protection rules, or maybe they just completely fell for it – probably a little bit of both.

There’s tons more great content en route here at SQ, with plenty more in our archives!  Have an awesome Thursday, and standby for more!

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