How Marines Celebrate the Fourth of July (or any day)

If the United States Marine Corps knows how to celebrate any holiday well, it would be July 4th – both the original holiday celebrating our independence from British rule, as well as the more recent victory against the alien invasion which Capt Hiller (Will Smith) and David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) so thankfully repelled.  So to honor this stellar beer-drinking, sunburning three day holiday weekend, why don’t we start it off with what we Marines do best: blow stuff up.

Marine Corps Celebrates the Fourth of July Video (Hint: Lots of Explosions)

Whether it’s out on ranges back home, or out in any of the popular hot spots around the globe, the Marines will gladly blow stuff up.  If you’re hunting for more explosive-goodness before the BBQ’s kickoff this afternoon, we’ve got you covered here at SQ: check out our swath of airstrike videos, Afghanistan combat videos, and even our funny videos when you’re ready to mix it up (you don’t want to be too serious when the BBQ starts!).

If after all of that content you’re still searching for more, just have your eyes do a right-face to find our ginormous tag cloud which will keep you going pretty much until next July (seriously); we’re always adding more content!

Have a stellar 4th of July, and stay tuned for more from SQ!

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