Papua New Guinea Volcano Eruption Video

Have you ever seen a volcano eruption live before?  Yeah, didn’t think so.  Eruptions aren’t really something you can plan on being there live for – although I’m pretty sure now scientists have a good idea one will happen soon once the thing starts rumbling – and those eruptions you’ve seen in the movies?  Those don’t count.  Well my SQ faithful, now’s your chance.  This is actual footage from Mt Tavurvur erupting in Papua New Guinea back on August 29th, 2014, and it’s simply incredible.  That’s probably as close as I’d want to be during a volcanic eruption!

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How Marines Celebrate the Fourth of July (or any day)

If the United States Marine Corps knows how to celebrate any holiday well, it would be July 4th – both the original holiday celebrating our independence from British rule, as well as the more recent victory against the alien invasion which Capt Hiller (Will Smith) and David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) so thankfully repelled.  So to honor this stellar beer-drinking, sunburning three day holiday weekend, why don’t we start it off with what we Marines do best: blow stuff up.

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Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion Video

This has been a tragic week here in America, with major tragedy after major tragedy hitting across America.  Just yesterday, after all of the sad events in Boston, came a devastating explosion from a major fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas.  As of this afternoon, news agencies are reporting that more than 160 people have been injured as a result of the blast, and a team of firefighters are still missing.  The city’s Mayor, Tommy Muska, compared the fertilizer plant explosion to a “nuclear bomb”; you can check out the most recent news story here courtesy of CNN.  The embedded video above is a stunning, yet very scary personal video from what appears to be a father and his young son or daughter that are within a mile of the plant right before the explosion rips through the town.  I truly hope everyone is okay; this event was just absolutely horrendous.

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