Newcastle Brown Ale Imagines America if the British Won

Every once in a while when I’m in the beer aisle at the grocery or liquor store, I find myself walking out with an awesomely-large case of Newcastle Brown Ale.  It’s not my favorite beer in the world (still love you LaBatt Blue!), but it’s pretty damn good, and is great to mix in my regular rotation throughout the year.  In a creative, and seriously funny new marketing campaign, actor and comedian Stephen Merchant describes what America would be like if we, the Americans, hadn’t won the war, and the British won.  You need to see this video!

Newcastle Brown Ale Imagines America if the British Won Funny Video

You know what’s funny, outside of the many great jokes in this video?  What’s funny is that Mr. Merchant is actually right in a lot of these changes, like television for example.  While the quantity of choices may not be there (heck, you could still get a dish), the quality certainly would be.  Awesome video, and definitely creative!

Have to run to my own 4th of July BBQ, but enjoy your weekend and stay tuned for more great content here at SQ!  Murica!

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