Robin Williams Whose Line Is It Anyway Tribute Video

It’s still hard to believe Robin Williams passed away – I think it will be a long, long time before it really sets in for anyone.  Just after I heard late last night, I thought of some of my favorite movies with Robin in it and thought, “man, what a great career he had.”  It wasn’t but a few minutes later as I read the breaking news on his death that I came across about 10+ more hilarious movies that I loved him in that I had completely forgotten about; Robin easily ranks, and will forever rank as one of the funniest human beings ever to walk the planet.  Since he brought so much laughter to everyone, I can’t think of a better way to honor him then by showing some of his best stuff right here on SQ.  Why you may not have caught him on Whose Line Is It Anyway – an excellent show btw – it was of course yet another gem in his insanely hysterical and accomplished career.  You know you’re doing a good job on Whose Line when you’re not only making the audience laugh, but the entire stand-up crew as well.  Enjoy the video, and we miss you already Robin!

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Vietnamese Anchorman Subtly Removes Ringing Cell Phone from Pocket on Live TV

While you’ll probably have no idea what this Vietnamese anchorman is saying, I guarantee you’ll like this guy’s subtlety as he responds to his cell phone ringing in his pocket during a live TV broadcast!  I nearly spit out my coffee all over my laptop, which would have been really bad because I would have wasted coffee – my laptop is pretty much brand new too, so that would have sucked also.  Do not miss this video folks!

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Rush Hour 4 Parody Video feat. Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin

If you enjoyed our last NBA parody video trailer for Dumb and Dumber with LeBron James, then you’re going to really enjoy this Rush Hour 4 parody video with Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin.  The Rush Hour series is one of my favorite comedy series – not as good as the Shanghai Knights/Noon one, but excellent nonetheless – so this parody video made me really wish this movie was actually happening.  On that note, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan really need to team up again – like soon!  Enjoy this stellar parody video – as always more after the link below!

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LeBron Gives Harry a Ride to Cleveland (Dumb and Dumber Parody Video!)

While we don’t usually journey into the world of sports here at SQ, the chances are much higher if it involves pretty much anything basketball related.  But when you mix in Dumb and Dumber, one of the Holy Grail comedy movies of all-time, with basketball – there’s absolutely zero way we’re passing up on talking about it.  If you haven’t heard that LeBron James recently spurned the Miami Heat and the rest of the basketball world to return to his home in Cleveland, then you are probably the only person on earth that won’t appreciate this insanely awesome, and somehow perfect-quality parody video featuring King James as the legendary Lloyd Christmas.  If you watch one video this week, make it this one.  “You’ve been wearing two pairs of gloves this entire time?”  “Yeah Harry, we’re in the ROCKIES!”

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One Last Harlem Shake at the Altar Video

I think everyone and their mother’s (well, maybe not mine) know what the Harlem Shake flash dance phenomenon is by now, as they’ve been one of the more popular Internet fads in recent history.  That being said, I couldn’t pass up posting this one above because for this crazy bride and groom, it’s their last chance to do it before tying the knot.  While I don’t have any regrets about not doing the Harlem Shake at my own wedding last November, you can just tell that the couple’s wedding above probably had a rocking reception afterwards.

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Newcastle Brown Ale Imagines America if the British Won

Every once in a while when I’m in the beer aisle at the grocery or liquor store, I find myself walking out with an awesomely-large case of Newcastle Brown Ale.  It’s not my favorite beer in the world (still love you LaBatt Blue!), but it’s pretty damn good, and is great to mix in my regular rotation throughout the year.  In a creative, and seriously funny new marketing campaign, actor and comedian Stephen Merchant describes what America would be like if we, the Americans, hadn’t won the war, and the British won.  You need to see this video!

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Moral of the Story: Pick Your Battles (This Guy Does Not)

Every now and then you watch a video and just shake your head. This…this is that time.

What happens is the reporter catches a motorcyclist exiting on an on ramp. Illegal? Yes. The worst thing in the world. No. Potentially lethal? Yes. So, he shouldn’t have done it, but he did.

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It’s Still Always Sunny in Philadelphia Montage Trailer

Can you believe that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been on the air now for nearly 9 years?  I can’t even think of one good show FX aired before Always Sunny debuted, but now they have a metric crap ton of high quality shows, from The Americans to everyone’s favorite, sarcastic spy Archer.  I do vividly remember however seeing the very first trailer for Always Sunny though – well before the show actually launched – and it was just one of those moments where you somehow know – for a damn fact – that whatever it was you just witnessed, be it a show or movie, is going to be legendary.  Kinda like when we all saw the first trailer for the movie Taken.  Yeah. So since it’s Monday, and I just came across this stellar Always Sunny montage trailer, I felt what better way to keep the nostalgia train rolling!

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Fight Video: Woman Attacks Kid for Flying a Drone on a Beach

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday – watch this kid (I say kid because quite honestly I don’t think he’s older than 18 or 19) get the crap kicked out of him by one Amanda Mears, who obviously thought her privacy settings in real life were at the maximum – well she was wrong.  While we do know a few of the details about what happened here – just tap the link below for the story as we know it – it really does shed light on a huge privacy concern, because a public beach is just that – public.  But when does it go too far?  This is definitely one of those gray areas, but wow what a shocking video.

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Tennis Ball Girl Asked to Catch Ginormous Bug on Court

Tennis: the game that’s actually fun to play, but no one knows how to keep score.  Love-to-love?  What?  Oh, and then there’s the grunting – if you close your eyes in the grandstands you’d swear you were at an outdoor version of Gold’s Gym, except in this case these tennis players with lopsided arm sizes only apparently do curls with their serving arms, and those grunts aren’t coming from doing dead lifts.  To make the sport even weirder, ball girls and boys are included in on the fun, as they are expected to sprint on a moment’s notice like Usain Bolt to clear the court from any stranded tennis balls – or in this case, giant alien bugs.

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FedEx Commercial: We’ve All Been Here Before (Or Are Now)

Commercials like this are why recordable TV exists. I watched this three times before I even remembered I was watching something else entirely.

The face this guy makes when the garage door opens is priceless. We’ve all tried to look above our means, but watching this guy’s downfall unravel in front of him is nothing short of spectacular. And when it happens – you’ll laugh. And then by the third viewing you just start to feel sorry for the guy.

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