Epic Re-Watch: The Red Shirt Guy

We gamers don’t forget, especially when we witness an epic fail/writer pwnage that was the Red Shirt Guy at BlizzCon 2010.  Who gets pwned more in this epic showdown: the Red Shirt Guy with his question, or the writers for actually getting stumped with their own material?  Hit the link below to drop your qualified comments, and see the Red Shirt Guy’s official video response!

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May 21st Is Xbox Durango Reveal Day

Raise your hand if you know who Paul Thurrott is.  Yeah, I didn’t raise mine either.  According to those in the know across the great Interweb, Mr. Thurrott appears to be a fairly legitimate source when it comes to anything Microsoft-related.  If you’ve been to his website, Supersite for Windows, then you may have indirectly read some of this work without even knowing it’s the same dude; regardless, now you (we) all know.  In a recent video blog, Mr. Thurrot dropped a major news bomb claiming that May 21st, 2013, will be the official Microsoft Xbox/Durango reveal day.  He also went on to reveal a few juicy details himself, as well as confirming a few previous reports that we’ve mentioned on SQ before.  Hit the link for the full report.

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Family Feud Fails: The Worst Answers in Show History

Family Feud > The Price is Right.  Family Feud > Any other game show, with the exception of Video Power, combined.  If you don’t remember Video Power, then you’re not old enough to fancy this website.  From Pat Sajak to Steve Harvey, and even Louis Anderson in between, enjoy this absolutely stellar fail compilation video from some epic episodes of the greatest game show ever created, Family Feud.  Survey Says?

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The Ultimate Exercise Ball Fail Video

America loves their Fail videos, and this ultimate exercise ball fail compilation video ranks right up there with the best of them.  The only thing that’s missing is Bob Sagat and his goofy America’s Funniest Home Videos voices; the awesome 80’s music is already in this one!   The first qualified user to correctly name the soundtrack song via the comments will win a …

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Calvin and Hobbes Movie Trailer (Gritty Reboot)

I didn’t always do my homework growing up, but I always made damn sure I read Calvin and Hobbes every morning before school.  Calvin and Hobbes made such a huge impact on so many kids lives, including my own.  I think the strip taught different things to different readers, which is one of the many reasons why it was so good.  I loved the humor of his snowmen, and how he always antagonized his parents, but above all else I loved Calvin’s imagination.  I have read every Calvin and Hobbes book, and I have yet to come across a new comic strip that can even hold a snowball to Bill Waterson’s masterpiece.  Hit the link for more information on this great Calvin and Hobbes movie trailer!

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Rumor Mill: Next Xbox To Be Always-Online System

Folks, before you start dropping OMG bombs on your favorite forums (ours coming soon), please keep in mind that this is just a rumor.  This has not been confirmed from Microsoft, or anyone official, but then again it hasn’t been denied or proven false either.  You want my Slightly Qualified opinion?  This will never happen.  According to two supposed “sources” at Kotaku, the next Xbox gaming console (Xbox 720, or Xbox Durango are the current code names) must have an Internet connection to play games or applications.  No Internet at home?  Then no game time for you.  Again, this is just a rumor people, so put the Molotov Cocktails away.  More thoughts and info after the link.

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Dude Lets Girlfriend Get Hit in Face with Home Run

Think this dude was in hot water after this one made SportsCenter?  Watch this dude jump out of the way when a home run was incoming at his seats, only to let his girlfriend catch the home run ball with her face.  If this was their first date, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say there won’t be a second.  If they’re married, divorce papers may or may not be written up already, or at least in the works.   Continue reading “Dude Lets Girlfriend Get Hit in Face with Home Run”

The Doors Sing Reading Rainbow

Jimmy Fallon is all over the entertainment news headlines these days after the Tonight Show transition has become official.  For those of you living under a rock, Jimmy Fallon will be taking over the Tonight Show reigns in about one year, in Spring 2014.  Anyone else besides me think Conan O’Brien is a little irked at all of this?  And how hilarious would it be if Jay Leno decides he wants to come out of retirement again to play host again?  I’ve been a fan of all three gentlemen, although if I had to go with one it would probably be Conan.  The attached video is a classic from last summer with Jimmy Fallon as The Doors sing the old school Reading Rainbow theme music.

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Dude Gets Punched by Street Performer

This is one of those videos that you just can’t watch once; you have to watch it least one more time to see it again.  And maybe a third just because.  If this fight video doesn’t remind you of Eurotrip, then you probably haven’t seen that classic movie.  And if that’s the truth, then you’re wrong.  Watch this video, then go watch Eurotrip.  You can thank me later (or now in the comments).

Disney Closes LucasArts’ Doors

Today Disney took the ax to LucasArts’ development studio, laying off approximately 150 staff personnel in order to change up their video game business model and focus more on licensing.  For those folks that were let go today, we are extremely sorry to hear the news, and wish you all the best moving forward.  For gamers out there who were looking forward to Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault, you may want to consider changing your pre-order to different games, because they are officially “on hold”.  Hit the link below for the official LucasArts press statement.

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PS4 Praised as Perfect Gaming PC

The PC gaming community is a stubborn crowd, and I can confidently make that claim because I consider myself part of that cadre of gamers.  Although consoles have come an insanely long ways over the last two generations or so to match up with PC’s, there still is a gap in a few ways and genres; the most specific gap in my oh so slightly qualified opinion is in the RTS, or Real-Time Strategy genre.  I couldn’t even fathom trying to play Red Alert or Starcraft 2 with a controller; I have got to have a mouse and keyboard or we’re gonna have some issues.  Are we understood?  But then you’ve got extremely prominent video game industry executives that drop the line-blurring bombs like the PS4 is the “perfect gaming PC”.  Say what?  Hit the link below for all of the details.

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