Calvin and Hobbes Movie Trailer (Gritty Reboot)

I didn’t always do my homework growing up, but I always made damn sure I read Calvin and Hobbes every morning before school.  Calvin and Hobbes made such a huge impact on so many kids lives, including my own.  I think the strip taught different things to different readers, which is one of the many reasons why it was so good.  I loved the humor of his snowmen, and how he always antagonized his parents, but above all else I loved Calvin’s imagination.  I have read every Calvin and Hobbes book, and I have yet to come across a new comic strip that can even hold a snowball to Bill Waterson’s masterpiece.  Hit the link for more information on this great Calvin and Hobbes movie trailer!

Gritty Reboot Films’ Calvin and Hobbes Movie Trailer

No, this is not a real Calvin and Hobbes movie.  What this is however is an absolutely stellar movie trailer that all Calvin and Hobbes fans will appreciate.  It’s definitely on the dark side (hence “gritty”), but the creator’s did a great job incorporating a ton of the strip’s nuances into the trailer.

Enjoy the trailer, and link your favorite Calvin and Hobbes strips in the comments below!

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