Larry David vs Justin Bieber

Although they’re separated by generations, they arguably both fall into the same weight class.  Larry David, the king of comedy, and easily the biggest asshole on television (and that is a compliment!), vs the YouTube-original, everyone loves to hate him until they get caught blasting his music in traffic Justin Bieber; so who ya got?  I’d have to go with Larry David; he’s got a huge height advantage, and I’ll take his New York City youth over anything north of border (South Park: The Movie: “They’re not even a real country, anyway!“)  So when is the showdown, you ask?  Well, I lied.  This is just an awesome funny pic that everyone will get a kick out of, unless you’re in the 10-14 year old female group who owns every piece of Bieber gear on earth, then it’d probably be best to move along; you probably don’t even know who Larry David is, anyway.  Enough talk; hit the link below for the awesomeness.

Larry David vs Justin Bieber

Larry David vs Justin Bieber -

If you happened to catch Game 7 of the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals two nights ago, then you likely were awarded this hilarious shot of J-Beeb sporting sunglasses (those arenas do get bright; maybe he just had Lasik?), and just about every fake military dog tag you can find at Pacific Sunwear.  The Larry David quote comes straight outta one of my all-time favorite shows, Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is somewhere around Season 10 at this point.

Drop your favorite Curb quotes below, but only if you’re slightly qualified, or they’re prettaaaaaaaay, prettaaaaaaaaay, prettaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay good!

More Larry David and more funny pictures to follow!

Headline photo courtesy of AP Photo/HBO, Jessica Miglio.

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