Game of Thrones Video: Every Death in 3 Minutes

In my opinion HBO is the king of quality television.  From Curb Your Enthusiasm and Entourage, to the insanely-addicting and ever-so-violent Game of Thrones, the premium cable network just continually surpasses my expectations.  While I am sadly behind on my Game of Thrones episodes, it is a show that is quite possibly the best on television, period.  I remember nearly three years ago watching the show On Demand for the very first time, and thinking to myself as I fired up the sixth of seventh episode that I still couldn’t believe that I couldn’t keep up with all of the character’s names and relationships – the show, and the setting was that massive, but it was so damn good I didn’t even care.  Next up for me are the books – not to mention catching up on the show; next up for you is this awesome video, which showcases every single on-screen Game of Thrones death in less than 3 minutes.  Enjoy, and as always, more after the link.

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Hilarious FedEx Driver Caught on Camera

Delivery companies like UPS and FedEx take pride in their clean, always pressed uniforms and timely delivery, and unlike the failing US Postal Service, they almost always live up to their high expectations.  Every once in a while however, the standard slips a bit and a FedEx driver does something that probably resulted in him losing his job.  Thankfully, it appeared that no one was hurt in this hilarious security cam video – I will leave the details at that, as I don’t want to spoil this one.  Enjoy this great video – more slightly qualified thoughts after the link!

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Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise Video

Yes, this is all staged, but this is an absolute must-see video.  Posted just 48-hours ago, the hilarious-yet-you-damn-well-know-you’d-have-a-heart-attack-if-you-saw-it-live Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise prank video has already racked up nearly 20 million views on YouTube; if that isn’t enough to get you to watch this video, then I just feel sorry for you.  Like really, really sorry.  Just watch it.  More great funny & scary videos to come.  After all, Halloween is just around the proverbial corner!

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Larry David vs Justin Bieber

Emmy Nominations - Photo Courtesy of the AP

Although they’re separated by generations, they arguably both fall into the same weight class.  Larry David, the king of comedy, and easily the biggest asshole on television (and that is a compliment!), vs the YouTube-original, everyone loves to hate him until they get caught blasting his music in traffic Justin Bieber; so who ya got?  I’d have to go with Larry David; he’s got a huge height advantage, and I’ll take his New York City youth over anything north of border (South Park: The Movie: “They’re not even a real country, anyway!“)  So when is the showdown, you ask?  Well, I lied.  This is just an awesome funny pic that everyone will get a kick out of, unless you’re in the 10-14 year old female group who owns every piece of Bieber gear on earth, then it’d probably be best to move along; you probably don’t even know who Larry David is, anyway.  Enough talk; hit the link below for the awesomeness.

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