It’s Science: Majority of Gamers Could Be Women By End of 2013

With the American media dominated by CNN and Fox News, many of us turn to other country’s news outlets for a more objective approach to not only what goes on over in our hemisphere, but throughout the entire world.  So like many Yankees (or White Sox fans; no offense, New York), I have news sites like BBC in my regular web rotation; it is through their recent technology news archives that I come across this incredibly interesting news story: gaming experts in the UK are predicting that by the end of the 2013 calendar year, the majority of British gamers will be female.  Shocking?  Yeah, I would say so.  Hit the link below for the full report!

BBC: The Majority of Gamers Could Be Women By End of 2013

British Gamer Girls -

Ready to be blown away by British science?  Click here for the BBC video!  What was interesting to me is that once the evidence and theory were presented, it wasn’t all that surprising; the rise of tablets, iPhones and Androids, mobile gaming has exploded and looks to swell even further, this time into more and more of those “mythical” gamer girls.

So what are your thoughts?  Does this theory hold any Newcastle, or do you need more evidence?  I would have liked it if the report would have unveiled who these “video game experts” were, but I translate that title to video game industry business analysts and marketers.  You know, the folks who do nothing but work on the business end of gaming, analyzing demographics and the markets they’re trying to expand in.  That’s just my two sense, but then again, I never said I was fully qualified.  That’s the beauty of this site!

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