Real Life McLovin in School Yearbook

Yearbook photos: everyone remembers them, and no one likes them.  Not then, not the week after, and definitely not twenty years later when you see how goofy you truly looked back in the day.  They do provide a good laugh, however, especially when that super weird kid in your class goes that extra, nerdy mile to make yearbook picture day that much more ridiculous.  My first reaction when I saw the hilarious funny picture below was witnessing McLovin from Superbad for the first time in the movie theater; I was shocked, amazed, yet smiling the entire time.  It was then I realized that it wasn’t actually Superbad which I thought of, but rather Christopher Mintz-Plasse from another great comedy, Role Models.  Hit the link below and I guarantee you’ll have the same reaction.

Real Life McLovin in School Yearbook

Real Life McLovin in School Yearbook -

How can you not think of Role Models when you see that epic suit of chain mail armor?  Can you imagine what the crazy, old school photographer said to this kid when he saw that costume?  I would have paid to be there, and I’m sure this is something that yearbook photographers see quite often.

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