It’s Science: Majority of Gamers Could Be Women By End of 2013

British Gamer Girls -

With the American media dominated by CNN and Fox News, many of us turn to other country’s news outlets for a more objective approach to not only what goes on over in our hemisphere, but throughout the entire world.  So like many Yankees (or White Sox fans; no offense, New York), I have news sites like BBC in my regular web rotation; it is through their recent technology news archives that I come across this incredibly interesting news story: gaming experts in the UK are predicting that by the end of the 2013 calendar year, the majority of British gamers will be female.  Shocking?  Yeah, I would say so.  Hit the link below for the full report!

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Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion Video

This has been a tragic week here in America, with major tragedy after major tragedy hitting across America.  Just yesterday, after all of the sad events in Boston, came a devastating explosion from a major fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas.  As of this afternoon, news agencies are reporting that more than 160 people have been injured as a result of the blast, and a team of firefighters are still missing.  The city’s Mayor, Tommy Muska, compared the fertilizer plant explosion to a “nuclear bomb”; you can check out the most recent news story here courtesy of CNN.  The embedded video above is a stunning, yet very scary personal video from what appears to be a father and his young son or daughter that are within a mile of the plant right before the explosion rips through the town.  I truly hope everyone is okay; this event was just absolutely horrendous.

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Criterion Games May Have Axed Burnout Series

Isn’t it crazy how Twitter has become one of the most prominent sources of breaking news?  I swear I catch faster news reports from my Twitter feed than I do watching CNN, or even refreshing their Communist-colored website (okay, it’s more of a Capitalist red).  Alex Ward, who passes out business cards these days as the Director of Criterion at EA, is the latest to break some interesting, and arguably depressing gaming news in regards to quite possibly the end of everyone’s favorite Burnout racing series.  Here’s the Twitter tweet straight from Mr. Ward’s virtual mouth:

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Tragedy at the Boston Marathon Today

Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to the victims, families, and everyone affected by the alleged bombings that occurred approximately two hours ago in the vicinity of the Boston Marathon finish line, killing two innocent spectators and wounding upwards of now 100+.  Although details are still emerging from the tragic scene, I will say this: based on the video, and the fact that there were multiple, simultaneous explosions in different locations, with a third now being reported at JFK Library, this appears to be a malicious, coordinated attack, and not a mere accident or underground gas pipe explosion.  Although I have never seen a gas line explosion in person, I have witnessed enough IEDs and what those can accomplish; the video feeds currently playing across the major news networks sadly appear more like the latter than the former.  From everyone here at SQ, our hearts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and everyone affected today.  Hit the link below for links to the current news on the scene in Boston:

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