Criterion Games May Have Axed Burnout Series

Isn’t it crazy how Twitter has become one of the most prominent sources of breaking news?  I swear I catch faster news reports from my Twitter feed than I do watching CNN, or even refreshing their Communist-colored website (okay, it’s more of a Capitalist red).  Alex Ward, who passes out business cards these days as the Director of Criterion at EA, is the latest to break some interesting, and arguably depressing gaming news in regards to quite possibly the end of everyone’s favorite Burnout racing series.  Here’s the Twitter tweet straight from Mr. Ward’s virtual mouth:

Criterion Games May Have Axed Burnout Series

“After over a decade of making racing games it’s time to make something new. It is early days thus I have nothing to ‘announce’ or talk about. I will do my best to keep folks in the loop who want to follow what we play or what inspires us. Or what we might be listening to.”

Alex went on to add a few other quotes that have triggered a concerned response throughout the gaming community:

“Here is what I want folks to know. Some folks are eternally disappointed. Nothing I can do about that. So many tweets asking for new Burnout'”

“Equally many tweets asking for a new NFS (Need for Speed) game from us. Also Road Rash. Whilst I love all of those games, I am personally not doing any.”

Interestingly enough, one word may have spared the Burnout series altogether if you really want to dissect these Tweets, and that word is “personally”.  By tossing that word into his statement, Mr. Ward has left the proverbial door open in everyone’s mind with the possibility that the series may survive within Criterion’s arm of business at EA; at this point only time will tell.  Alex did go on to publish one more tweet on another rumored Criterion game, a sequel to the surprisingly-good FPS “Black”:

“No Black2 either folks. Volumes to tell on that topic, but will save that for when I get a book deal…”

Looks like Black2 is a no-go, but I do like his sense of humor.  More Criterion news as it arrives, folks.  Leave your thoughts below as usual.



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