Games We Want: The Last of Us – New Footage

Back on April 3rd, which seems like a long time ago (this is our 100th post, believe it or not!), we published an amazing trailer for Naught Dog’s upcoming adventure game, “The Last of Us“, which may look like a new Uncharted, but according to the developers, it’s quite different.  Not like that would be a bad thing, but you know what I mean.  Looking ahead to the near future, “The Last of Us” will hit store shelves on June 14th, and will be an exclusive title for the PS3; sorry Xbox’ers.  Like you needed more depressing news after Monday’s debacle?  Naughty Dog has released brand new demo discs to many of the latest news outlets, which means savory new, HD game play footage that you absolutely must-see.  Did I mention the game play video is more than 15 minutes long?  You’re welcome.

Games We Want: The Last of Us – New Footage

So what are your initial thoughts on sure to be epic game?  Have you pre-ordered The Last of Us yet, or are you holding off on the reviews to surface?  My hope is that I’ll be able to finish off Demon’s Souls and Diablo 3 before I launch into The Last of Us, but having too many amazing video games to play is definitely a good problem to have.  I hate being so far behind on games, but I’m stoked to play this one, whether it’s an Uncharted sequel/clone or not!

Drop us a line on your thoughts below!  More great game trailers and footage to follow!

Kudos to the fine folks across the pond at CVG for the great video!

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