We’re the Millers Movie Trailer

On August 9th, rising comedic star Jason Sudeikis will attempt to deliver hundreds of pounds of marijuana across the US-Mexico border for fellow comedian turned billionaire Ed Helms.  The movie is called, We’re the Millers, and it also stars Jennifer Aniston who plays a stripper, who goes on to pretend to be Jason’s, err, Mr. Miller’s wife.  I’m a big Sudeikis fan, as he’s been one of the few truly funny actors/comedians on SNL over the last few years, but the real steal of the show might just be his fake son, Will Poulter, who looks familiar, but after looking through his IMDB profile I still have no idea where I recognize him from.  The end of this trailer is awesome, and this movie looks like it will be a great one!

We’re the Millers Movie Trailer

Is anyone else excited about the movie theater this summer, or is it just me?  I can’t remember a year when we had this many awesome to potentially awesome comedies get released in such a short amount of time, with The Hangover 3, The Internship, and This Is the End, all set to release in less than a month.

We’re the Millers will land in theaters on August 9th, and is directed by the same dude who brought us all Dodgeball!  So you know it’s going to be good!

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