Advertising vs Reality: This Toddler Ain’t Impressed

Advertising vs reality: we’ve all experienced it, whether it was that glistening new cheeseburger you saw on that Sonic commercial last night, only to get a flat, depressing sandwich shoved in a bag by some pimpled kid on roller skates, or that new laptop with a supposed 12 hours of battery life, which promptly succumbs just two hours after you proudly unplugged it.  While false advertising is legitimately illegal, there are obviously ways of stretching the truth, from miles and miles of -50 sized white font at the bottom of car commercials, or having 50 million ways to interpret the definition of “all natural” on those granola bars you bought this weekend – companies know it, and so do we, the consumers.  Some consumers however pick up on this fact earlier than others, and in this toddler’s case, he’s already raising the bullshit flag.

Advertising vs Reality Funny Picture – Lame Sprinkler

Well, advertising easily one in this awesome funny picture, and that kid ain’t happy!  I used to love running through the sprinkler with my friends when I was a kid (when we couldn’t get down to the city pool), especially growing up in the greater Chicago-land area which can get pretty hot over the summer, but this would have pissed me off as well.

Advertising vs Reality Sprinkler Fail Kid -

My guess in the actual product photo shoot they either photoshopped the heck out of that image, or hooked the sprinkler up to the fire hydrant at the closest street corner, because that water pressure – or complete lack thereof – in the reality photo below is just depressing.  Hilarious picture!

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