Weird Video of the Day: Raining Food

Just like a car wreck, there are videos out there on this glorious Interweb of ours that once you start watching, you just can’t seem to pull yourself away from it.  It may not be the funniest video – heck you may not even enjoy it – but it sucks you in and just obliterates 1-3 minutes of your life that you may never get back.  Well, I suppose you could if/when someone invents a time travelling machine – no, Marty’s DeLorean and flux capacitor do not count – but I wouldn’t hold your breath.  Now if it starts raining food, then yes, I would hold your breath.  Ladies and gentlemen, I now pronounce today’s first inaugural weird video of the day, Raining Food – clear your schedule for the next few minutes.

Raining Food Weird Video of the Day

I supposed my first question after watching this beyond weird video is “why”?  Is he hoping to land a movie/tv deal from this?  Was a couple million video views worth the fact that this guy is probably going to smell like mustard for the next 90 days?  I will give video creator Steve Kardynal credit though – you are definitely creative, sir, and you obviously know how to catch someone’s attention, if not via some very odd methods.

So now I pose a question to the SQ faithful: what would you do for a few million video likes on YouTube?  Leave us your thoughts below in the comments, and if you’re craving more funny/weird videos, just hit up our official funny videos tag!


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