Video Games and Blanket Forts; Yes, Blanket Forts

Alright fellas, raise  your hand if you ever built a fort in your living room or basement when your buddies came over as a kid.  Yeah, we all did; ladies, many of you probably did the same.  We also probably both played a crap load of video games when we had our friends over.  Since I am now at the ripe age of 30 years, it was primarily the NES, then SNES, Sega Genesis and N64 which carried the bulk of the gaming load, with quite a bit of PC gaming in there as well, courtesy of the entire Command & Conquer franchise (which I dominated, naturally).  But when does the slumber party/fort building/male or female bonding go a little too far?  Oh, there are lots of ways; I won’t let your imagination stop running.  If you really want do laugh, or maybe shudder is a better word, then click below for the oddest slumber party/male bonding experience you will likely ever witness in your lifetime.

Video Games and Blanket Forts; Yes, Blanket Forts

Video Games and Blanket Forts Funny Picture -

See – I told you!  Oh the caption contest material that is flowing through my brain right now; I feel like Daniel Tosh probably does when he sees a new fail video.  Where should we begin?  How about with the fact that these dudes are all probably in high school, and are laying together in their boxers – with lots of unnecessary skin contact – under, yes, a blanket fort.  You know what my biggest question is?  Who took the picture?  Was it mom?  Dad?  One of their creeped out sisters?  Perhaps it was their fifth wheel of a friend who they never let play video games, but invited him over because he just happened to be walking by when the verbal invites went out?  I would wager it’s one of their buddies, and I would also wager that said photographer – let’s call him “McLovin” – is also in the semi-nude.  And he probably wears briefs.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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