Bioware Building a New Franchise

The fabled Mass Effect team up in Edmonton (eh, hoser!) is back to work, although this time they’re building an entirely new franchise.  The exciting news came from the team’s Executive Producer, Casey Hudson, who stated the team is “building something new”, and the franchise will be based on “a whole new universe”.  The news dropped just yesterday during a panel at the PAX East games conference in Austin, MA.  Or was it Boston … ? 

Tom Green, Road Trip

While it’s not the KOTOR 3 (or a true #2; sorry Obsidian) announcement I was hoping for, I can’t help but be excited for what those hoseheads north of the border will come up with, because I know it will be stellar.  I’m looking forward to more details; we’ll keep you posted here at SQ!

As always, MTF. (More to follow)


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