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Ray Liotta, mob movie.  That’s all Hollywood movie studios need to say in their movie trailer to literally guarantee millions of dollars of box office revenue from pretty much the entire male population in America.  The Iceman hits theaters soon on May 3rd, and it features a rather unique cast, at least in terms of your typical mob flick.  Outside of Ray Liotta, who arguably defined the genre, and Michael Shannon, who just looks great in a mob role, did anyone else raise an eyebrow when they say Winona Rider, Chris Evans, and James Franco on the main cast credits line?  Don’t get me wrong, Chris Evans and James Franco are great (not a huge Winona fan), but neither stand out to me for this type of movie.  Sure, Mr. Evans has done some action flicks, but this appears to be an out of the ordinary film for him, and with the film’s almost sure success, will really help round out his career.  The film looks dark, gruesome, and Ray Liotta: you don’t need to tell me much else for me to go see it.  Now convincing my wife to go see it with me … that’s a different story.

The Iceman Movie Trailer

May 3rd: will your butt be in the theater for The Iceman, or are you going to wait for it to hit Netflix?  Even with my cast questions, this looks like it will be good enough for me to throw down on Fandango for tickets.  Drop your thoughts below; I know we’ve got some self-proclaimed movie buffs out there that are more than slightly qualified.

Move movie trailers to follow!  You can visit the official Iceman Movie Site here!

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