Goldeneye Challenge: Aztec on 00 Agent, Under 8:45

Goldeney 007 for the legendary Nintendo 64 stands as arguably the greatest game of all-time, at least from this guy’s opinion.  At the very least, Rare’s epic Bond title will hold a permenent spot in my Top 5 Greatest Games List, and likely most everyone else’s as well (it had better!)  But enough of the grab-ass; let’s move on to the challenge!  Hit the link below for the challenge details, and pull your N64 out of the attic, because it’s Boris time.

Goldeneye 007 Challenge: Aztech on 00 Agent, Under 8:45

Goldeneye 64 Aztec Challenge -


Your mission, James: Complete Aztec on 00 Agent with a sub-8:45 completion time.  Don’t be that guy/girl either that throws in GameShark either, because you suck at life, and probably Goldeneye too.  I am tossing around prize ideas in my head, but will gladly give away something to a legitimate winner, although its going to be hard to determine valid submissions.  Regardless, everyone’s a winner when it comes time for a Goldeneye Challenge, right?  Post your photos, videos, and/or links in the comments below, and best of luck!  I think we’ll have to roll out a Control challenge for Round 2;  as always, we are open to suggestions!