Dark Souls Has Sold Over 2.3M Units

In October 2011, From Software released an unofficial sequel to the deathly-hard, highly-addicting “Demon’s Souls” under the similar name, “Dark Souls”.  Since then, the equally hard sequel has been rung up at cash registers around the world a whopping 2.3 million times.  That’s a staggering sales figure for any game, but for a title that many consider a “hardcore gamer niche”, that arguably makes it even more impressive.  As a huge fan of the series (please tell me this isn’t your first SQ experience), I am not surprised but if you had asked me yesterday for a SWAG estimate on the number of units moved, I would have came back with about 1-1.25M; I would have never thought that the 2 million barrier had been broken, but I am happy that it has because folks, this series is absolutely bad ass.  If you haven’t read much of my prose here at SQ, all you need to read is what my eloquent and esteemed colleague wrote in our official SQ “About” page; if you happened to have been addicted to Goldeneye’s Control Mission on 00 Agent mode like myself, then this series is for you.  Don’t even watch a trailer, or finish reading this article; go to your local game shack and pick at least one of these two titles up.  End of story.

Dark Souls Has Sold Over 2.3M Units; I’m Still Playing Demon’s Souls

Yes, FML.  My 9-5’er has not been kind to my Demon’s Souls time, but I have slowly been chipping away at the epic game whenever I get free time.  Here’s a science project for SQ nation: how many units has Demon’s Souls sold since its release?  I’d wager that Dark Souls has outsold it, but I was obviously way off on the last metric guessing game, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the original is in the same ballpark.  I’m looking forward to playing Dark Souls, and already have Dark Souls 2 on my pre-pre-order list with Santa.  And when I say Santa, I mean my fiance/wife.

More Demon’s/Dark Souls to follow!

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