What to Watch on Netflix: Flowchart FTW

Netflix has transformed the entire movie rental industry, putting Blockbuster out of business, along with every single “mom and pop” video rental store in the world with its online movie rental, disc-to-door and zero late fees service.  This shouldn’t be breaking news to anyone; if it is, well, you’re welcome!  With competition however comes, or should come more product enhancements and diversification, which is exactly what Netflix did with its more recent foray into a digital-only service, which allows its members to stream their favorite movies and television shows right to their flat screen tv’s, iPhones, and iPads without even having to get up off the couch.  I’m a very happy Netflix digital subscriber, but those who join me in that subscriber group are well aware of the only true, major downside (if you can really argue one for an $8/month service) in that the movie selection is really limited.  Unless you like movies like “Life After Porn Ends”, and other “they really made a documentary out of that?”-type titles, which is cool, I guess.  Regardless though, you can’t beat $8 bucks a month, and there are plenty of awesome TV shows to keep you entertained before the next major movies get released on your home menu (Archer, Arrested Development, Mad Men, etc), but I digress.  What you are about to encounter below is something that every Netflix fan should keep on hand, whether on hand, or hanging on your wall: it’s a “What to Watch on Netflix Flowchart”, and to call it “comprehensive” would be an understatement of epic proportions.

What to Watch on Netflix: Flowchart FTW

Are you prepared to scroll?  I told you it was comprehensive!  I’ll see you at the bottom!

What to Watch on Netflix Flowchart - SlightlyQualified.com


I don’t wear hats or covers anymore (Marine-speak), but if I did, my hat would be off for the fine folks over at Silveroakcasino.com, who may have way too much time on their hands.  Hopefully it’s because they’re all retired from the millions of dollars they’ve won, but wow, what an awesome flowchart!

So the next time you ask yourself or significant other, “what should we watch on Netflix?”, you now have your answer.  Just follow the flowchart.

(Due to the ginormous size of this Netflix flowchart, just download it and zoom in with your favorite image viewer.”

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