We Want a New Soulblazer

Ah junior high. And bad graphics. And short swords that were supposed to be longer but weren’t. We’re not talking Lagoon here (although that game isn’t far off – the sword in that game was shorter than a toothpick and about as strong). We’re talking about Soulblazer. Time for some retro lovin’.

Soulblazer, for SNES, was the kind of game you’d play when you told your parents you’d be home in 15 minutes. 30 minutes later, you start questioning what was worse, giving up Soulblazer at your friend’s house, or just taking a larger punishment. Normally, the punishment prevailed.

However, now that we’re older (31, but who’s counting?), we want a remake! A no-joke, fully revamped map, fun but devilishly easy combat system, and more runes to collect. And that ball of light that surrounded us? We want him to. He can always come. He brings the party.

You see, what Soulbazer did for me back when I was a lad playing Ghost in the Graveyard and dreaming of the middle school dance was escape from the mundanity of no smart phones and a huffy bike to a world where I could actually kick some ass. It was easy to grasp, but it was way more fun than it should have been. SQ likes those games. Actually, scratch that. We love them.

The story was simple: defeat the ruthless overlord who was capturing souls. Period. No major subplots or sandbox worlds to explore. Although we needed to hop back to earlier levels once we attained a better sword to 86 some earlier baddies, we had delightful fun doing just that: releasing souls.

Will a remake ever happen? Probably not for the PS4 or Xbox One. Will I buy it first thing if it does? For sure. Will you hear about it on SQ? It’ll be painted on the header bigger than our logo.

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