‘The Last of Us’ Hunt City Trailer

It’s got the hype. It’s got the looks. It’s got the edgy trailer. Could The Last of Us be the game we want it to be? We’ll start to find out this June 14th.

Even Hank Williams’ music emits an airy, desolate rebuke to the blue sky and innocent visage of young Ella. However, it perfectly matches Joel’s suppressing demeanor as his opening gambit of running over a thug who was set to ambush them looks to pay off.

And we have come to expect this kind of development from Naughty Dog Studios, makers of the Uncharted series. Beautiful, stunning graphics in front of a more-than compelling storyline propel this studio to the forefront with each release.

Admission: this game may scare the hell out of me more than I want to realize. It may instill a paranoia on levels with driving a car right after you’ve been in an accident. Everything seems ok, but is it?

Is it?

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