Gordon Freeman and Chell Go on a (Mute) Date

First off, how about a high five to a Mr. MikeNGary?  Or wait, is it two gentlemen: Mike and Gary?  Either way, he/they have put together a pretty awesome, live action Half-Life/Portal dating redux that highlights one of the oddest elements of gaming still around today: mute characters.  As a huge Half-Life fan, I have to get my obligatory, “WHERE IS HALF-LIFE 3?”, post out of the way, so there you go Valve.  Make it happen.  Where were we?  Oh yeah, mute video game characters.  Gordon Freeman and Chell are two of many, many video game main characters that were programmed without a voice, maybe to save disc space, possibly out of boredom, or maybe just as a proverbial middle finger to all of our imaginations; who knows outside of the developers?  I think the starkest example I can think of from my recent gaming memory is Dragon Age: Origins; I usually don’t have an issue with mute main characters, but that was just super weird. I know I’m not alone with that one.

Gordon Freeman and Chell Go on a (Mute) Date Video

As much as I want to turn this into a Half-Life 3 post, I’ll spare my laptop’s keyboard and stay on topic.  My biggest question from this very well-done video is how in the F did they make that replica (I’m assuming) gravity gun?  The more I think about it I am sure there are plenty of toy manufacturers that have jumped on that one, but it was pretty neat to see.

I’m not a big Portal fan, as CounterStrike Source sucked up most of my time during the HL2 days, but it was a great game.

If you want more top notch video game live action videos then head on over to MikeNGary’s YouTube Channel and enjoy!

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