SQ Favorite: Breath of Fire 3

Some games are better than others. Some games are a lot better than others. Then some games put other games to shame. Breath of Fire 3 put every Breath of Fire release after to shame. They should have stopped at the pinnacle.

For example, you can turn into a dragon. All it takes is some magic points. Now, you have to find “Dragon Genes” and mix and splice them together, and that was a fun process, but all you had to do was click some buttons and voila: dragon.

But nooooo, not for the later games. BoF 4 was ok, but by the fifth installment, the game designers thought, “Hey, let’s make a game about a boy who learns he’s a dragon, but he comes closer and closer to killing himself every time he shifts into dragon form.” Seriously, every time he turns into a dragon his “dragon counter” increases. Not to mention every ten minutes or so of game time he goes up a bit too. *Sigh*.

We can forgive them. I mean, we are talking early 2000’s here. But now Capcom is making Breath of Fire 6. Oh, and it’s not a turn based or active timed battle: it’s a free-to-play online game. I’m not so sure it’s actually going to be a Breath of Fire game at this point. Like when you used to steal your parent’s vodka and replace it with water. It may look like it, but once you dive in, you’re sober.

We’ll see what happens. Maybe with number seven they can resurrect a great and not deviate from the most successful script they ever wrote. Maybe.

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