Netflix Gets April Fools High Five

I swear, publishers on the Internet (not us) plan out their next April Fool’s fake content and parodies a year in advance, because they’re getting more and more elaborate.  I am pretty sick of it all, and I’m at the point of annoyance when I check out my usual daily visits because now I’m wondering if it’s a joke or not.  Just about every site is doing it, but kudos to Netflix for actually making me smile instead of frown.  Have you logged into your Netflix account today?  I just got home from my 9-5, and found a pretty cool Easter egg after a buddy at work told me about it.  Hit the link below for the details, or just fire up your Netflix account if you want to jump straight to the spoilers.

Movies Featuring an Epic Nicolas Cage Meltdown

ng nicolas cage 190710

That’s what the third row of my Netflix recommendations was labeled after I logged in and collapsed on my couch; even better, everyone has seen something different, which shows just how much thought went into all of this.  And again, stuff like this is a cool surprise, and also a subtle one, because it will make you think twice.  The rest ya’ll can eat me with you fake news stories.

Netflix SQ nation: what new recommended category did you guys/girls get?  Drop them below!

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