Crytek USA Wants Darksiders Back

In just under two weeks, the Darksiders video game brand may very well be back home with its original development team, who at the time programmed under the Vigil Games flag.  Crytek USA, the team’s new home, is most famous for its graphically stunning, hardware maxing FPS series, Crysis, which is now 3 games deep.  Just last week Crytek USA CEO David Adams tweeted his emphatic desire to re-land the Darksiders IP:

“Going to bid on Darksiders IP. Put 7 years of heart and soul into that franchise, and I think it belongs at home with its creators.” [Linkage]

As one the Darksiders co-founders at Vigil Games, David has formed a bidding alliance with fellow co-founder, and Crytek USA employee Ryan Stefanelli, who added to the Twitter excitement:

“When the Darksiders IP goes up for auction, Crytek will be bidding for it. Not much more to say since the rest is left up to courts and legal shenanigans, but we’re all excited at the prospect.” [Linkage]

I think every gamer who sees this story, should the bid win, immediately moves to thinking: OMG, Darksiders on CryENGINE 3?  Time to upgrade my video card!

MTF. (More to follow.)


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