Jimmy Fallon Plays Goldeneye 64 with Pierce Brosnan

While I know this video got passed around the Interweb by almost the entire world yesterday – I saw it just when I had to leave for work in the morning, so I wasn’t able to publish it – I just have to make sure this gets thrown up on SQ.  If you’re one of our faithful SQ regulars, you’re probably well aware of my deep affinity for anything Goldeneye; a while back I posted a Goldeneye 64 speed run challenge on 00 Agent (the Aztec bonus level), but still am waiting on a brave challenger.  Goldeneye, just like Jimmy said in the beginning of this awesome video, is hands down one of the best video games of all time, and I would be hard pressed to not drop it in my top three. If you grew up with a Nintendo 64, you likely spent most of your time playing Goldeneye – do not pass up on this video!

Jimmy Fallon Plays Goldeneye 64 with Pierce Brosnan Video

While I don’t think anyone is surprised to see Jimmy beat Pierce at his own game, did you think it would be that lopsided?  I mean Mr. Brosnan looked extremely awkward playing the game, and you could really tell he’s never really picked up a controller – or at least not for a while.  I guess Q didn’t brief him prior to coming on stage, huh?

One last thing to note on this stellar video goes back to the beginning when Pierce mentioned that the game was “hugely popular”.  Did anyone else instantly start wondering what royalty percentage – assuming he got/is getting one of course – Pierce got for appearing in arguably the greatest N64 game of all time?  While the Bond theme was probably just licensed, you would think Pierce got either a lump sump and/or a royalty fee for each unit sold, and with 8 million units sold that ain’t too bad of a payday. (Source: Wikipedia – so you know it’s legit)  Just some food for thought for the rest of your Throwback Thursday!

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