Funny Military Memes Part 1 of Probably Infinity

Memes are one of the biggest reasons I love the Internet; they’re just my type of humor, and the possibilities are endless.  Since our Kim Jong Un meme collections have basically gone viral, we figured we’d continue with some other high quality meme collections to keep this party going: today’s batch – the military!  While this is coming from a Marine, please note that I’ve got all branches included – I won’t discriminate, so spare me the nice emails and comments.  Hit the link below for SQ’s funny military memes part 1 of … well, let’s just say infinity – there are about a million more that I found on the Interweb, so as your favorite platoon sergeant used to say, standby to standby. Funny Military Memes Part 1 of Probably Infinity As I mentioned above, I’m not going to call out any particular branch or not include any memes that make fun of my Marine Corps, and of course you are highly encouraged (your FITREP will reflect) to drop us linkage to high quality military memes that we’ve missed, or haven’t included yet – just hit us up in the comments!  Oh, and foreign militaries will most definitely be included.  Alright enough is enough – enjoy! Funny Marine Corps Meme - SlightlyQualified.comdefconnoseFunny Afghanistan Military Meme - Funny Military PicsFunny Air Force Lift Meme - Funny Military Pics and Videosmilitary-funny-meme

Lots more military meme collections coming fast – for more spectacular, award-winning military content look no further than about six centimeters to your right. Our tag cloud is growing every single day, and it’s your key to a lifetime’s supply worth of Interweb happiness.  Prepare thyself to start bookmarking at the cyclic rate.

More funny memes to follow!

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