Anchorman 2 Trailer: It’s Science

Is it December yet?  Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is the long-awaited and anticipated sequel to in my opinion, Will Ferrell’s best film as a leading role, and this December the entire Channel 4 news team will finally land in theaters in what will surely find epic box office success.  All of your favorites are back: Steve Carell as Brick Tamland (“Brick, are you inviting me to a party in your pants?”), street reporter Brian Fantana played by Paul Rudd, Champ “Whammy” Kind, and even Miss Veronica Corningstone and the wheel-of-cheese eating, Spanish-speaking dog, Baxter.  I think it’s safe to expect a truckload of big-time celebrity cameos as well, although I don’t know if anything can top the original, news team, back-alley brawl to the death; I guarantee they’ll try though!  The official trailer is above, and it does not disappoint; this is Will Ferrell in his prime!

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Trailer

So what did you think of the trailer?  Have there been any rumors on if Vince Vaughn will make another supporting role appearance?  I would think that would be a no-brainer, but we’ll have to wait and see.

I cannot wait for Anchorman 2, and I have set my expectation level about as high up as I can get it.  As soon as we get more Anchorman 2 trailers we’ll hit the publish button; drop us your initial thoughts and Anchorman 2 rumors below!

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