11 Funny Vladimir Putin Pics for your Friday

If you have enjoyed the two rounds of Kim Jong Un memes that we’ve posted thus far, then standby for maybe the next goofiest world leader to join him in SQ stardom: Mr. Vladimir Putin, the President of (Mother) Russia.  I have seriously waded through hundreds of funny Vladimir Putin pics, and weeded out what I think will make for an excellent part one.  So grab your vodka, and that awesome Russian fur hat you’ve got in your mom’s basement and enjoy the Putin!

Funny Vladimir Putin Pics for your Friday … or Any Day!

While I’d rather not get into the international politics here – I did get my bachelors in international affairs, believe it or not – I do want to throw out a no kidding excellent book on Mr. Putin that I think anyone would really enjoy.  It’s called The Man Without a Face, The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin by Masha Gessen, and it is just a fascinating look at the former Kremlin spy turned Russian President’s early life, and just how oddly he rose to the top seat.  But enough seriousness – it is Friday after all. On to the funny pics!

Funny Vladimir Putin Meme Pic - SlightlyQualified.com

Funny Vladimir Putin Ukraine PIc - SlightlyQualified.com

Happy Putin Funny Pic - SlightlyQualified.com Funny PicsFunny Vladimir Putin Americans Pic - SlightlyQualified.com

Putin's Relationship With the West Summed Up in One Funny Pic - SlightlyQualified.com Funny Vladimir Putin Pics

Putin Riding a Bear Funny Pic - SlightlyQualified.com

Vladimir Putin Is a Badass - SlightlyQualified.com

Vladimir Putin on His Glasses - SlightlyQualified.com

Putin Swims to Alaska on the Weekends Funny Pic


Putin Logic Funny Picture - SlightlyQualified.com

Standby for Part Two which will have plenty more hilarious Putin pictures – in the meantime drop us a line below and let us know your favorite!

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