It’s still hard to believe Robin Williams passed away – I think it will be a long, long time before it really sets in for anyone.  Just after I heard late last night, I thought of some of my favorite movies with Robin in it and thought, “man, what a great career he had.”  It wasn’t but a few minutes later as I read the breaking news on his death that I came across about 10+ more hilarious movies that I loved him in that I had completely forgotten about; Robin easily ranks, and will forever rank as one of the funniest human beings ever to walk the planet.  Since he brought so much laughter to everyone, I can’t think of a better way to honor him then by showing some of his best stuff right here on SQ.  Why you may not have caught him on Whose Line Is It Anyway – an excellent show btw – it was of course yet another gem in his insanely hysterical and accomplished career.  You know you’re doing a good job on Whose Line when you’re not only making the audience laugh, but the entire stand-up crew as well.  Enjoy the video, and we miss you already Robin!

Robin Williams Whose Line Is It Anyway Tribute Video

Like anything Robin Williams touched or was a part of, this episode of an already hilarious television series effectively turned into gold the moment the show went live.  And who better to be on Whose Line Is It Anyway than Robin Freaking Williams, easily the comedian who can not only think the quickest on his feet, but deliver mind-boggling hilarious jokes in the process?  While this excellent tribute video is nothing when compared to his legendary stand-up comedy acts, or even roles in many of his classic movies, it shows just how versatile this Hall of Fame comedian really was.

Enjoy the video, and don’t be surprised if we publish a few more Robin Williams gems over the next few days and weeks!  RIP Robin.

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