Shark Week Debunked, The Video

How do you know it’s Shark Week?  My Facebook and Twitter feeds are my yearly reminder, and I think that goes for most other people as well.  While my chances for tuning in to Discovery Channel increase during Shark Week, it’s not a guarantee; I think the last time I actively searched out the Discovery Channel on a one-time basis for as part of a weekly routine was either for a war documentary or when Deadliest Catch first aired, but Shark Week?  Eh, it’s cool, but not stop-what-I’m-watching-or-doing cool.  If you’re with me on your shoulder-shrugging level of excitement for Shark Week, then you will particularly enjoy the above video from Vox that effectively debunks Shark Week, and how crazy it has become over the past few years.  As always more after the jump!

Shark Week Debunked The Video

Wasn’t that a crazy video?  While I remember the crazy Megaladon fiasco, it was shocking to see that Discovery still went ahead with even more fake television programming just as a strategy to score higher ratings and land more viewers.  However, I have to give them props for the shark in the Canadian lake idea though, because that’s just freaking hilarious!

Where are my devoted Shark Weekers at out there in SQ Nation?  What should I be watching this week?  Any recommendations?  Enjoy the video folks, and for those of you who do enjoy a healthy dose of fake shark television, enjoy Shark Week!  As always more great content to follow!

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