Last summer Anna Coren and her CNN team embedded with a US Special Forces unit in a district called Nejrab, which is located about 120 miles or so north of Afghanistan’s capital city Kabul.  While this likely wasn’t the first firefight she has experienced in her front line reporting travels, it most likely was one of the most intense with rounds impacting what appeared to be just feet around her.  This is yet another awesome combat footage video folks, and this time it comes fully wrapped in beautiful HD – do not miss this one!  More after the jump!

HD Combat Footage: US Special Forces in Intense Firefight

Two things jumped out at me as I watched this firefight video from Northern Afghanistan: first off, Anna Coren was impressively composed as she crouched in front of the camera to describe the firefight as rounds were flying everywhere.  She wasn’t flat on her face talking into the dirt, or creating a scene – she seemed like she belonged there, which made me write above that I don’t think this is her first rodeo.  Pretty impressive.  My second thing – and this is for all of those people out there who are interested in joining the military – is if you noticed her breathing.  Yes, she was breathing heavy, but now compare it to the special forces operators she was embedded with: did you notice anyone out of breath, or look like they needed to take 15 minutes for a break?  If you’re just doing curls for the girls at the local gym, you’ve got a long ways to go – I won’t get into the work outs here, but just something to keep in perspective.

I’ll be posting many, many more of the best combat videos from Afghanistan and Iraq here shortly – for all of our current videos, analysis and reflections just hit up our ginormous tag cloud.  You will be seriously set for days – there is that much killer content. More great stuff to follow – stand by to stand by!


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