Afghan Moto Video: Huge JDAM Obliterates Taliban Position

Although JDAM officially stands for joint direct attack munition, in the Marine Corps and Army it means something much simple to those of us who are on the ground: a ginormous morale boost.  Or as one excellent YouTube user so eloquently put it: “2,000 lbs of DEMOCRACY.”  I promised SQ Nation more airstrike videos just a few days ago, and I am a man of my word.  Airstrikes don’t get much bigger than this, ladies and gents.  More after the jump!

Afghan Moto Video: Huge JDAM Obliterates Taliban Position

Did you see how freaking huge that mountain was that the Taliban set their position up on?  I was down south in Helmand Province – and more specifically the central part of the province which is extremely flat – so we didn’t have to rush up any mountains.  Not only are JDAMS and air strikes huge motivational boosts for their obvious destruction capabilities, but now it makes that hike up the mountain that much more enjoyable!

More great moto videos are en route – in the meantime be sure to check out our tag cloud to the right for even more awesomeness.  SQ is probably the only site on the Net where you can find the best funny videos and pictures alongside JDAMS, Afghan combat videos, and guides to the best bars in Honolulu.  Welcome to SQ, and stay tuned for more!

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